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Dedicated to this purpose, we at ‘Glamris Dermacare’ make premium skin & hair care products to make a profound difference in the lives of our customers. ‘GlamrisDermacare’ believes in nature-inspired quality products backed by science for the protection and nourishment of your skin. We develop skincare derma products with Pure & Natural actives which are derived with modern technology & are clinically proven to deliver optimum results.

Our formulations help in correcting signs of aging, prevent skin damages, protect your skin from environmental aggressors give you a visibly younger and radiant skin.


It is our constant endeavor to strive for quality in our products as well as our services. We shall keep on achieving new milestones in our pursuit.

Why GlamrisDermacare?

We know over 50% of millennial population is suffering from derma ailments like Acne, Pigmentation, hair fall etc. The practice of dermatology in India is not as good as of western countries. Number of dermatologists are low and lack in the experience, where as Glamris Dermacare is based on the observation, experience, and research findings. With the passage of time contemporary method and molecules are taking place in the dermatology industry. Today dermatology is much more than just fairness creams, face wash, face mask etc. Derma market today is floating with numerous products which are not authorized or poor in quality which sometimes causes the adverse effects.

With the changing time, dermatology needs a change in its approach as well. Technology is driving the evolution in dermatology practice which is why we have introduced new molecules for better results. We have launched new DCGI approved molecules in the Indian market keeping in mind about the technological advancement in the dermatological sector.

Armed with this information we started meeting multiple dermatologists across India to understand how we can solve this problem using technology. Multiple doctors and industry experts join us in creating a solution to this problem for Indian millennial, that’s how Glamris Dermacare Was born. We at Glamris Dermacare we use the high end technology and artificial intelligence which assure the complete accuracy, effective products & regimes to solve your problems. Our Advanced Clinical Formulations contain desired actives in high dosages as per dermatologist recommendations & hence deliver significantly better performance than off the shelf products available in the market

The results speak for themselves Glamris Dermacare’has helped tens of thousands of people clear their skin. But let’s be real — there’s no magic bullet.

We prioritize our you. Our experts see more acne & pigmentation sufferers every year than any other team in the country. With their combined 10 years of experience we are able to deliver the highly effective molecules

Glamris Dermacare Support

If you have any questions about our products, quality of products, your order, billing, lost shipment, or anything under Glamris Dermacare, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our fantastic customer support team. You can call us on +91-9888020547, drop us an email at edmundhealthcare@gmail.com, contact us via Live Chat or request a call-back.

Which is the Fastest Way to Reach Us?

Calling on our customer care number is the best way to get your queries resolved in the shortest time possible. For a better experience, call from your registered mobile number. Another way to reach us is via chat. Just click on the “WhatsApp ” button located at the bottom right corner of your screen to get your queries resolved in real-time. In case you have sent us an email, give us 24 hours to get back to you. To help us respond better, don’t forget to mention your full name, registered email address, and mobile number in the email. In case there is a delay of more than 72 hours from our end, please give us a call or drop in an email again. Note – Response time may increase due to public holidays, and weekends, we appreciate your patience.

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